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 Job Programs
  We are offering marketing service jobs in following programs:
     *  General Account Server
This job is for people working at home to help us sell insurance (using their 'links, skills, and specials' to make money). We offer very good compensations for your services, especially for selling life, business, group health insurance, ..., etc., the incomes will be in thousand dollars or more for just one or a few services.
Here are some 'specialties' that may be helpful for us, if you have one or two of them:
 - Program a PC to send out large amount of emails or to collect valuable email addresses;
 - Have a position to regularly distribute our flyers in apartments, large organizations, etc.;
 -  Find some special ways to post and hold our ad in some poblic places for a long period;
 -  Keep special networks that need to buy our special services (low income health insurance, etc.);
 - Know some people in key positions to select carriers for business and group insurance; 
 -  Have some creative ideas, projects, proposals, or special skills, that we may be interested.
Your job is to find out and provide above services for us to sell insurance in your area. There is no location limits for this job and it is open to everyone who is interested. You can serve every account that you help us developed, except yourself and family members. 
We will provide training (by telephone and online videos) for how to work with us to sell insurance and to serve these accounts. Note, you can share-own these new accounts for "its lifetime" as long as the accounts stay with us. We will give detailed job information when we make a job offer.
       *  Group Health Account Manager
This job is to develop and maintain group health insurance, under our agency supporting, to keep these health plans going. We are appointed by Kaiser and Providence in Oregon and Washington. You can also support us to develop health insurance accounts for individule and family. This job needs to handle busy phone calls if you are serving large group plans.
Its job skills are almost same as ones above account servers have. Also, It needs to work with accounting and billing departments of both carriers and clients. This job currently is limited in Portland-Vancouver and Salem metropolitan areas.

  We are also going to develop some special server jobs as listed below:
       *  Realtor and Mortgagee Binder Server
           - This job is for realtors and loan officers. There is no location limit.
       *  Building and Apartment Property Server
           - This job is for property managers and there is no location limit.
       *  Automobile Dealership Server
           - This job currently is limited in Portland-Vancouver metropolitan areas and is specially
         for sales and finance managers with an automobile dealer.

  How to apply for above jobs:
    -  Please email or fax your resume with a cover letter to us and we will contact you if your
       skills meet our needs. No telephone calls.
      -   Our email:  hwu475@gmail.com
    -  Fax:  (503) 688-9053 

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